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Provisional program ARS'11

Thursday, June 23, 2011  
 9,00-13,00 Tutorial
13,00-14,30 Lunch
14,30-15,00 Opening- Welcome Addresses
15,00-16,15 Collaboration Network and Knowledge Diffusion: Innovation Networks - INVITED PAPERS

Uwe Cantner, Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena; Holger Graf, Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena
    Innovation Networks: formation, performance and dynamics
Martina Kauffeld-Monz, Universität Kassel
    Sources of trust building in regional innovation networks

Anne Ter Wal, Imperial College
    At the interface of innovation and networks: an overview of the state-of-the art of and future challenges
16,15-16,45 Coffee break
16,45-18,30 Academic and Scientific Networks - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS

Santi Effendi,The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration; Arent Greve,The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
     University scientists's professional networks and technology transfer 
Roberto Iorio, Università di Salerno
; Rosamaria D'Amore, Università di Salerno; Agnieszka Stawinoga, Università di Napoli Federico II
    Who and where are the co-authors? Institutional and geographical characteristics of the firm  publications network in the Italian biotech sector
Rushed Kanawati, Université Paris- Nord
    A new algorithm for community detection in academic collaboration networks

Luka Kronneger, Univerzi v Ljubljani; Anuska Ferligoj, Univerzi v Ljubljani; Patrick Doreian, University of Pittsburgh & Univerzi v Ljubljani
    Collaboration Structures in Slovenian Scientific Communities
Nilgun Massih-Tehrani, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
    Structural differences between academically and economically embedded universities - The rise of University-Industry networks and its possible effects
Bülent Özel, Istanbul Bilgi University

    Collaboration Structure and Knowledge Diffusion in Turkish Management Academia
16,45-18,30 Applications of advanced methods in sociology, business, and economics - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS

Alessia Amighini, Università del Piemonte Orientale; Sara Gorgoni, University of Greenwich Business School
     The International Reorganization of Auto Production
Fabio Corbisiero, Università  di Napoli Federico II
    The international classification of functioning disability health: the role of social network analysis for the spatial implementation
Ira Matusche, FAO
    What you grow is who you know? Analysing the impact of social networks in rural innovation system
Venera Tomaselli, Università  di Catania; Rosario D’Agata, Università di Catania; Simona Gozzo, Università  di Catania
    Network analysis approach to map tourism mobility
Marta Varanda, Universidade de Lisboa;  Raquel Rego, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa;  Breno Fontes  Universidade Federal de Pernambuco;  Klaus Eichner , Universität Hamburg
    Social Network Analysis in the Lusophone scientific community: an account of the adoption and diffusion of an innovation
16,45-18,30 Innovation and diffusion networks - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS

Lucio Biggiero, Università dell'Aquila; Pierpaolo Angelini, Università di Roma “La Sapienza”
    The hierarchical structure of international collaboration networks: the European aerospace research area
Carlo Capuano, Università di  Napoli Federico II; Alfredo Del Monte, Università di  Napoli Federico II;  Domenico De Stefano, Università di  Trieste; Maria Prosperina Vitale, Università di Salerno
    An evaluation of technological districts through a network approach

Giuseppe Giordano, Università di Salerno; Raffaele Miele, Daman
    A genetic algorithm to evaluate the effect of topology on network resilience
Tim Kastelle, University of Queensland; John Steen, University of Queensland
    The Structure of Innovation Networks in Project Based Firms
Federica Rossi, Birkbeck College; Annalisa Caloffi, Università di Padova; Margherita Russo, Università di  Modena e Reggio Emilia; Stefania Sardo, Università  di Modena e Reggio Emilia
    Stability and intercohesion of policy-supported innovation networks: a methodological  contribution to policy evaluation
Maria Prosperina Vitale,
Università di Salerno; Maria Rosaria D'Esposito, Università di Salerno
    A mixed approach to define collaboration networks among Italian Technological Districts
19,30 Welcome party

Friday, June 24, 2011  
 9,15-10,30 Collaboration Network and Knowledge Diffusion: Theory - INVITED PAPERS
Pietro Panzarasa, Queen Mary, University of London
    Community structure and patterns of scientific collaboration in co-authorship networks

Caroline S. Wagner, Penn State University
    Why Collaborate? An Inquiry in the Dynamics of Self-Organization in Science

Rafael Wittek, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
    Network Dynamics and Cooperation in Organizations
10,30-11,00 Coffee break
11,00-12,45 Inter-organization Networks - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS
Sana Elouaer, University of Sousse
Extracting communities in the social network of interlocking directorates of major French firms
Rebeca Mendez-Duron, Universitat de les Illes Balears;
Abel Lucena, Universitat de les Illes Balears
Ambidexterity in networks: the effect of pooling knowledge from different networks structures
Francesca Odella, Università di Trento;
Sara Zanatta, Università di Trento
Collaborative production and closed networks: the rise of the Italian TV Serials (1996-2006)
Lucia Tajoli, Politecnico di Milano;
Luca De Benedictis, Università di Macerata
Patterns of trade partners
Sebastian Titz, Università di Napoli Federico II
Longitudinal analysis of subgroups in the post-acquisition integration
11,00-12,45 Knowledge Networks - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS
Filip Agneessens, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen; Rafael Wittek, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
    The social embeddedness of knowledge sharing: Co-avolution of advice and other networks

Domenico De Stefano, Università di Trieste; Susanna Zaccarin, Università di Trieste
    Modelling multiple interactions on knowledge networks
Carlo Gianelle, Università di Siena
    Inter-firm mobility of high-skilled workers: evidence from matched employer - employee data

Marianna Marra, Aston Business School; William Ho, Aston Business School
    Knowledge networks: How managing knowledge networks affects knowledge transfer and  organizational performance
John Steen, University of Queensland; Sam Macaulay, University of Queensland; Tim Kastelle, University of Queensland
    Growth and Resilience of Virtual Collaboration Networks in Large Multinational Enterprise

Emma Zavarrone, Università IULM; Davide Jabes, Università IULM; Vincenzo Russo, Università IULM; Alberto Crescentini, Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana
    What  does the concept of sustainability actually mean? A network textual analysis in the main Italian blogs
11,00-12,45 Social Network Analysis in demography and sociology - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS
Francesco Calderoni, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
    The Ndrangheta trafficking cocaine: exploratory study of two darks collaborative networks
Luciano Brancaccio, Università di Napoli Federico II; Fortunata Piselli, Università di Napoli Federico II
    The social network of the inventors
Antonella Guarneri, ISTAT; Cinzia Castagnaro, ISTAT
    Mothers with babies: instrumental networks in everyday life
Antonella Guarneri, ISTAT; Maura Simone, ISTAT; Luisa Natale, Università di Cassino
    Second generation and network analysis: applications and results
Giancarlo Ragozini,
Università di Napoli Federico II; Giorgina Sommonte, Università di Napoli Federico II;  Antonietta Bisceglie, Università di Napoli Federico
    Exploring the author features determining the co-authorship network structures of Italian sociologists
Salvatore Villani, Università di Napoli Federico II; Michele Mosca, Università di Napoli Federico II
    The role of the Social Network Analysis to fight criminal organizations
12,45-14,45 Lunch break
14,45-15,45 Collaboration Network and Knowledge diffusion: Data - INVITED PAPERS

Loet Leydesdorff, Universiteit van Amsterdam
     Communication in Scholarly Discourses:Social, Semantic, and Epistemic Networks
Felix De Moya Anegon, CSIC
    Georeferenced and not referenced scientific networks: one graphic interface approach
15,45-16,15 Coffee Break
16,15-18,00 Innovation and diffusion networks - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS

Beatrice Milard, Université Toulouse 2
    Where is scientific performance? Citations, social networks and local changes in scientific literature
Lilit Sargsyan, Tbilisi State University
    Armenian Diaspora in International Trade

Alexander Weber, Uni Oldenburg; Johannes Rode, Technische Universität Darmstadt
    Is Technology Adoption Localized? A Case Study on the Diffusion of Solar Cells in Germany
Patrizia Vittoria, CNR Istituto di Ricerche sulle Attività Terziarie
    Relational capabilities for value creation in the research-based biotechnological firm. Lessons from four case studies
Michael Ward, University of Texas at Arlington
    Learning to Surf: Spillovers in the Adoption of the Internet
16,15-18,00 Knowledge Networks - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS

Lily Cheung, University of Queensland
    Drawing on social capital and co-creating value within social networks, when things go wrong
Nima Fallah, Université de Strasbourg
    Distributed Leadership in Communities of Practice: The case of United Nations

Leonie Houtman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Filip Agneessens, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen;  Julia Kotlarsky, University of Warwick
    Transactive memory processes in teams: a longitudinal network analysis

Ilana Rosen, University of Haifa
    Cyberspace is a cyber-subject: Socio philosophical approach
Andrea Salvini, Università di Pisa; Irene Psaroudakis, Università di Pisa
    Communities of practice in school: knowledge sharing in teacher’s networks
Anna Maria Zaccaria, Università di Napoli Federico I
    PhD networks: the social network analysis within PhD sociology students
16,15-18,00 Social Network Analysis perspective in economics - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS
Angela Abbate, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna-Pisa; Luca De Benedictis, Università di Macerata; Giorgio Fagiolo, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna-Pisa; Lucia Tajoli, Politecnico di Milano
    International trade networks in time and space
Eleonora Patacchini, Università di Roma “La Sapienza”; Edoardo Rainone, Università di Roma “La Sapienza”; Yves Zenou, Stockholms Univresitet
Dynamic Aspects of Teenage Friendships and Educational Attainment
Michele Pellizzari, Università Bocconi; Giacomo De Giorgi, Stanford University
Understanding Social Interactions: Evidence from the Classroom
Paolo Pin, Università di Siena; Sergio Currarini, Ca Foscari Università di Venezia; Matthew O. Jackson, Stanford University
Long-Run Integration in Social Networks
Stefano Schiavo, Università di Trento; Massimo Riccaboni, Università di Trento; Alessandro Rossi, Università di Trento
Trade in Bits
    20,30 Social dinner

Saturday, June 25, 2011
 8,45-10,00 Collaboration Networks and knowledge diffusion: Methods - INVITED PAPERS
Organiser: Carter Butts, University of California, Irvine

Carter Butts, University of California, Irvine; Zack W. Almquist, University of California, Irvine
    Dynamic Logit Models for Emergent Collaboration Networks

David Dekker, University of Greenwich
    Evaluating Indicators of Transitivity

Roger Th.A.J. Leenders, Universiteit van Tilburg; M. Smit-Bakker,; J. Kratzer, ; J.M.L. van Engelen
    Multitheory testing of knowledge sharing in innovation projects

10,00-11,30 Innovation and diffusion networks - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS
Stefano Breschi, Università Bocconi; Camilla Lenzi, Politecnico di Milano
    Net and the city. Co-invention networks and the inventive productivity of US cities
Bruce Cronin, University of Greenwich Business Schoo
    Diffusion of corporate strategy: a longitudinal study of imitation and learning among  internationalising firms

Mario Agostino Maggioni, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore; Mario Nosvelli, Ceris-CNR; Teodora Erika Uberti, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Does intentional means hierachical? Knowledge flows and innovative performance of European  regions
Antonio Mastrogiorgio, Università di Bologna; Lucio Biggiero, Università dell'Aquila
Firm's absorptive capacity and industrial cluster dynamics: an application of Boolean networks
Andrea Ravignani, Universität Wien
    R&D Collaboration Networks in a Market with Vertical Product Differentiation
10,00-11,30 Network mechanisms and Network evolution - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS
Alain Herscovici, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo
    Social Networks, Knowledge and Digital Economy: an analysis in Term of Social Choices and Property Rights

Samo Kropivnik, Univerzi v Ljubljani; Nataša Kejžar, Univerzi v Ljubljani
    Exploratory Network Analysis as an add-on to Internet Metrics- Joining Reach Figures with Positions' Characteristics

Nicola Soriani, Università di Padova; Ruggero Bellio, Università di Udine; Susanna Zaccarin, Università di Trieste
A comparison between exponential random graph models and latent cluster models
Agnieszka Stawinoga, Università di Napoli Federico II
Assessment of stochastic approximation methods in ERGM
Agnese Vitali, Università Bocconi;  Emma Zavarrone, Università IULM
Learning Capital and Network Effects Among Class Mates
10,00-11,30 Network Visualization - CONTRIBUTED PAPERS
Michele Mauri, Politecnico di Milano; Maria Chiara Zacchi, Politecnico di Milano; Donato Ricci, Politecnico di Milano; Giorgio Caviglia, Politecnico di Milano; Paolo Ciuccarelli, Politecnico di Milano
Mind Quakes. Visualizing the Risk Perception
Pier Giuseppe Mariconda, Università di Salerno;
Miriam Ronca, Università di Salerno
Discovering patterns in Personal Social Networks. Survey on tools and methods
Stefano Perna, Università di Salerno;
Filippo Fimiani, Università di Salerno; Guelfo Tozzi, Università di Salerno
When seeing is making. Pictures in Social Network Analysis
Azzurra Pini, Politecnico di Milano;
Giorgio Caviglia, Politecnico di Milano; Donato Ricci, Politecnico di Milano; Paolo Ciuccarelli, Politecnico di Milano; Michele Mauri, Politecnico di Milano
Sicht: Visualizing Organizational Complexity
11,30-12,00 Coffee break
12,00-13,15 Collaboration Networks and Knowledge Diffusion: Methods - INVITED PAPERS
Organiser: Jure Leskovec

Tina Eliassi-Rad, Rutgers University
    From Community Discovery to Role Discovery

Edoardo Airoldi, Harvard University
    Social information, structure and interference
Sune Lehmann, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
    Communities with Pervasive Overlap: Consequences for Network Analysis and Dynamics
13,15-13,45 Closing
     13,45 Lunch